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AFO offers different variety of G.652 type optical fiber which supports applications such as long haul, rural-metro-city access, cell phone and cable television networks. The use of advanced raw materials, robust design and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes make these products compatible with existing networks as well as suitable for state of the art network configurations.

Model: Dispersion unshifted single-mode optical fiber (G.652)

Standard: IEC 60793-2-50:2008 Product Specifications-Part2-50, ITU-T Recommendation G.652:2008 Characteristics of a Single-Mode Optical Fiber and Cable, and GB/T 9771.1-2008 Communication Single-mode Optical Fiber Series Part 1: Characteristics of Dispersion Unshifted Single Mode Optical Fiber.


  • High Strength
  • Low Attenuation
  • Long Service Life

Application: Used in high bandwidth and long distance transmission networks. This is the most widely used type of fiber and suitable for most communication networks.


  • Cable for Aerial Applications
  • Direct Buried Cable
  • Cable for Duct Applications
  • Optical Fiber Ribbon Cable

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